Oskar Radon

Portland, OR

Flash Publication

A book about the history of rock climbing and its future. Three sections from the book: a riso printed personal essay, Yosemite climbers from the 40s-50s, and data-moshed footage of talented young climbers juxtaposed with fake GAN-style collage.

SEASONS Branding

Bobby Souers and Danny Sullivan’s startup launched this year with a branding system by David Chathas and I. Their app is at-home training tailored for outdoor athletes. The ski training is free now in the app store.

Beats Studio Buds Branding

At my internship at Something Special Studios I worked with the team and Happy99 on this Out of Home campaign and 30 second 3D rendered ad spot featuring Kaia Gerber and skiier Eileen Gu.

Sculpts 3D

Ongoing series of personal projects exploring sculpting in VR and procedural materials in blender.

Broadside Publication

Ongoing series of interviews to accompany exhibitions at Melanie Flood Projects, printed on tabloid newsprint.


Various posters made for freelance or personal projects.

Ada Apparel

Graphics for a net.art streetwear brand.

Face Filters XR

Face filters for Stranger Things Season 4, Joggy, and Filta.