Hey I’m Oskar Radon. I am a graphic designer,
interactive designer, and front-end developer.
I live in Portland, OR. Send me an email here.
CV and PDF portfolio are available upon request :)

Selected clients:
Yale Union, PICA,
Sequence Press,


Education: BFA Graphic Design
Web Dev. Cert.
UX Design Cert.

Hack Oregon


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01. Flash

Book design, illustration, writing

This book is about the future of rock climbing. It is split into five sections, a riso-printed introductory essay I wrote that is juxtaposed with bitmapped rock climbing holds, a series of photos from the golden age of Yosemite climbing, three articles about queer climbing culture, a section of bitmoshed footage of the new generation of climbing (Ashima Shiraishi and Kai Lightner) superimposed and overtaking the previous generation of climbing (Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra) juxtaposed with photoshop collages of climbing hardware mimicking styleGAN output, and the final section: a series of screenshots of Google Earth locations from a random forum commentor’s joke-favorite places they have ever climbed.

In this project I was interested in exploring the ways that climbing has progressed and is progressing. Leaps in technology have allowed inhuman feats to become possible, and the people pulling off these feats are younger and younger. While climbing is a personal story of progression and pushing oneself to the limit, there are also beautiful communities created via the internet, welcoming new people to the sport who have previously found it unwelcoming. The future of climbing is bright, and I mirror that brightness in the hopeful tone of this book.